Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 16, 2014

Vayakhale – And He Gathered

This week’s Torah Reading is the single Parsha – section called Vayakhale – And He Gathered. When it is a leap year, as it is this year where we have 2 months of Adar, the Torah Reading is one section. When it is not a leap year with only 1 month of Adar the Torah Reading is 2 sections, Vayakhale and then Pikudai – Accountings; the Pikudai – Accountings of the items donated to the Mishkan.

We find an interesting statement in the Torah. When it comes to all the items actually made it mentions the name of only one person by the making of the Aron which held the Tablets. That name is Betzalale. The explanation given is that it was very noticeable that Betzalale was very devoted to this aspect of making the Aron.

Perhaps this is a lesson for us that when it comes to containing or protecting the Torah it is very important that we give it our fullest attention. Our schools of Jewish learning are so to speak our Aron or ark that contains the Tablets, our children that are learning the Holy words of Torah. It is incumbent upon us to designate our schools as a priority and to see to it that their needs are met.


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