Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 9, 2014

Kee Seesa – When You Will Count

This week’s Torah Reading is Kee Seesa – When You Will Count. This Shabbos is also called Shushan Purim Katan. As it is the first Adar, it is referred as the Katan, the little one. In the main month of Adar or the second Adar we actually celebrate the holiday of Purim followed by Shushan Purim. In the main city of Shushan they needed an additional day to mop up the group that was out to exterminate the Jews. In Shushan they celebrated Purim a day later thus the name Shushan Purim.

In our Torah Reading we also find the concept of an additional chance or opportunity to make things right. The Jewish Nation had worshiped the Golden Calf. This was a very big no no.

Moshe pleaded on behalf of the Jewish Nation, (he also broke the first set of tablets when he came down and saw the Golden Calf). The Al-mighty forgave the Jewish Nation and instructed Moshe to come up Mt. Sinai for another round and presentation of a second set of Tablets that Moshe helped prepare.

We live still in a time of exile. The Al-mighty has extended His kindness and is waiting. Let us present kindness to one another, also giving people a second chance. Hopefully this will lead to the ultimate kindness from the Al-mighty to once again restore His Presence in the 3rd Temple to be revealed very very soon.


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