Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 2, 2014

Titzaveh – Command

This week’s Torah Reading is Titzaveh – Command. This mainly deals with the clothes that the Kohaneem and the Kohane Gadol were to wear in the Mishkan – Sanctuary.

Just before beginning in detail the clothes to be worn the Torah starts off with the commandment to light up the Menorah in the Mishkan. The oil to be used daily was pure olive oil that came from the first squeeze which was gentle. The olive was then crushed and the oil that flowed was used for the meal offerings in the Mishkan.

The light is described as continually. There are different opinions on what this means. According to Rashi, the Menorah was lit even on the Sabbath. The Ramban states that indeed  one flame remained lit continuously from which the others were lit.

The soul within each one of us is pure. We have the ability to light up the world around us each day. The oil that is pure is the Torah. We need to see that the Torah and its commandments are maintained daily. In this way we bring light into a world daily. Until one day very soon we can again see the actual light from the Menorah in our 3rd Holy Temple


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