Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 6, 2014

Bishalach – Sent Out

This week’s Torah Reading is Bishalach – Sent Out. This Shabbos is also called Shabbos Shira because we sing the Shira, the Song of the Splitting of the Yom Soof. This took place on the 7th day after they left Egypt. It marks the final end of the exile as the Egyptian nation is basically destroyed at the Yom Soof.

Their death by drowning is interesting. We note that the first plagues began with a water connection. The Egyptians worshiped the Nile as the river provided the water for the produce and thus for the nation to survive. Thus the Al-mighty started by turning the Nile to blood and then next having frogs come from the Nile River.

The Egyptians also used the Nile to kill the Jewish boys. Moshe himself was cast into the Nile, true it was his family that did it and they were on scene to protect him.

The Yom Soof proves to be the final judgement for the Egyptians. They worshiped water so water destroys them.

In our day to day lives we must be careful not to elevate a physical entity to a false stature. All the blessings come from the Al-mighty and this was made clear to the Jewish Nation as they experienced the wonderful miracle of the splitting of the Yom Soof.


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