Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 5, 2014

Bo – Come

The Torah Reading Bo – Come contains the remainder of the 10 plagues that would result in the Jewish Nation being freed from Egypt.

At the very end of the Parsha we have the commandment to sanctify the first born. The Jewish first born males were saved in Egypt. As a reminder we have this commandment to redeem our first born male child. Today we have that after 30 days. The Cohen is invited and given 5 dollars and in this way the first born child is redeemed from the service in the Temple.

However, it may still be a worthwhile project to dedicate the first born male to the study of Torah and the pursuit of good deeds. (For that matter every child would benefit by being dedicated to learning and doing Mitzvos). The purpose of the Jewish Nation being redeemed was to stand at Mt. Sinai and hear the voice of the Al-mighty and to commit their lives to His service.

Moses, Moshe was the baby in the family and yet his life was fully dedicated to the service of the Al-mighty.

With our dedication to the Al-mighty comes the concept and actual release from Egypt and exile.


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