Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 22, 2013

VaAirah – And I Appeared

This week’s Torah Reading is called VaAirah – And I Appeared. This Torah Reading marks the beginning of the 10 Plagues, which sets in motion the ultimate redemption of the Jewish Nation from Egypt.

Each plague carried a message to Pharoh and the Egyptian people. The 6th Plague,Boils was in some ways the worst. Every single Egyptian suffered from these boils. It was sort of pay back. They had the Jewish people, slaves, fill their tubs with hot and cold water so they the Egyptians could enjoy a bath or whatever they wished to do in the water. Now that the Egyptians were afflicted with boils they could not bathe. The Egyptians also did not even allow a Jew the free moment to scratch themselves if they had an itch. Well now the Egyptians with their boils could relate to the frustration of not being able to scratch.

They all for the very first time cried out to be relieved from this plague. They were but of course Pharoh does not fulfill his part to let the Jewish Nation go.

It is interesting to note that all the Egyptians were cured from the boils except one group, the magicians. They all eventually died from their boils. This was pay back for advising Pharoh to throw the Jewish baby boys into the Nile River.

The Jewish Nation in Egypt watching these plagues and seeing the Al-mighty beginning the “pay back” gives them a positive uplift as they await the final redemption. Let us hope, pray and do so that we too can experience our ultimate and final redemption.


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