Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 8, 2013

Vayichee – And He Lived

This week’s Torah Reading is called Vayichee – And He Lived. On Friday, right before Shabbos we also have a fast day, The 10th of Teves. This marked the beginning of the Jewish Exile brought on by the Babylonian King Nebudchadnezer.

This Torah Reading also marks the end of the first book called Biraishees – In The Beginning. This book contained the lives of our 3 forefathers. Avraham. Yitzchak and Yakov and the lives of the Mothers of Israel, Sarah, Rivka, Rochel and Leah.

Yakov asks Yoseph to see to it that he is not buried in Egypt but rather in the land of Israel where Avraham and Yitzchak are buried. There are a variety of reasons given for this request. Yakov was concerned that the Egyptians would turn him into an idol as the famine ended because of his coming to Egypt. Yakov also understood that his burial in Israel would be symbolical that his children would return to Israel as well in the future.

Moses in heaven watches as the funeral procession, which began in Egypt continues to grow with more and more joining to pay tribute to Yakov. This sends a message that also in the future the nations of the world will appreciate the children of Jaoob returning to the promised land and the building of the 3rd Temple.


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