Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 27, 2013

Toldos – Generations

This week’s Torah Reading is Toldos – Generations. On Shabbos Toldos we also bless the New Month – Kislev – the month that the miracle of Chanukah took place. (It took perhaps a miracle for Yakov to survive with a twin brother like Esav that we read about in this week’s Torah Reading). The New Month actually begins right after Shabbos. Thus we again have that special Haftorah Reading of the story of Jonathan, King Saul’s son, and his special friendship with the future King David. (Perhaps how twin brothers should truly relate to one another).

At the end of the Torah Reading we find that Rivka, Yakov’s mother has a concern. Esav has plans to kill Yakov and also she wants Yakov to marry a daughter from her family. Yakov marrying a woman from the locals would be comparable to death. The children born from such a match would assimilate into the negative culture. Rivka believed that just as she grew up in a negative environment and turned out a righteous woman so too there would be a daughter of Lavan, her brother, that would be able to overcome such a negative environment. This ability to overcome a negative environment in the home would be a positive quality to pass on to their children. This would allow the future Jewish Nation to survive in negative environments. Indeed, because of the Righteous Women, we were taken out of Egypt. Because of the Righteous Women we were given the Miracle of Chanuka and because of the Righteous Women we will be redeemed and be given the 3rd and final Bais Hamikdosh


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