Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 20, 2013

Chayai Sarah – The Life of Sarah

This week’s Torah Reading is called Chayai Sarah – The Life of Sarah. As previously noted in other years, we actually start off with her husband Avraham searching for a place to bury Sarah as she just now passed away. Yet we title the Torah Reading the Life of Sarah rather than the Death or Burial of Sarah. (True that does sound a bit morbid – but in previous years we have given sweet, pleasant answers).

In this Torah Reading we also find the lengthy topic of finding a proper Shidduch – match for Yitzchak. This too is really the influence of Sarah. When she passed away a major void was created. The light from the Shabbos was lost during the week. When Sarah lit candles for Shabbos they remained lit for the entire week. Avraham and Yitzchak needed this light and certainly missed this light. Also Avraham was concerned that Yitzchak had almost died (true he Avraham would have been the cause) and there was no child to inherit and take Yitzchak’s place. Thus Avraham sends his trusted servant Eliezer to find a proper match from Avraham’s family. Avraham’s family comes from Shem the blessed son of Noach.

Indeed Rivka is also blessed as we find the water from the well rose up for her as it did with Avraham. Thus Eliezer runs to her and asks her for water. She of course passes the tests of giving water to his camels and indeed coming from the same family as did Avraham. Eliezer recognizes in Rivka that she indeed is a future Mother of Israel and is able to bring blessings in the household of Avraham by being a good Shidduch, match for Yitzchak. Rivka will also have the ability to recognize in the future who is truly the better child, Yaakov or Esav. This is similar to Sarah recognizing that Yishmael, true it was not her son, was not fit to inherit the legacy of Avraham, her husband.

It is with the courage and vision of such Mothers of Israel that have been passed down to their daughters that have helped us survive this long exile. They will ultimately help in our final redemption and the building of the 3rd Bais Hamikdosh.


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