Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 13, 2013

Vayaira – And He Appeared

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayaira – And He Appeared. In this reading we are told that again the Al-mighty has decided to destroy communities who are totally evil. Lot, Abraham’s nephew is saved with his two daughters. They flee the city with the help of an angel and Lot decides to take refuge in a cave with his two daughters.

The daughters are under the impression that again the world has been destroyed, just as it happened in the flood and they are the sole survivors. The older daughter decides that in order to continue the human race she must get her father drunk, become pregnant through him and thus the world will continue. She tells her younger sister to do the same the next night and she listens to her older sister.

The nations that come from this relationship are called Moab and Ammon. As was previously discussed in a different year on this Torah Reading, two great women came from these nations. Ruth from Moab who was the great grand mother of King David and Naama from Ammon who married King Solomon. Clearly these women were exceptional.

We are reading the book of Breishis that contains the 4 Mothers of Israel, 4 very exceptional women as well. It is this quality that has been handed down to every Jewish woman. In part it has been the Jewish woman that has helped the Jewish Nation time and again out of their national difficulties. It will be the Jewish woman who again will help see to the final redemption.


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