Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 6, 2013

Lech Lecha – Go For Yourself

This week’s Torah Reading is called Lech Lecha – Go for Yourself.

In the Torah Reading is the story of Avraham and Sarah going to Egypt because of a famine. They finally make it to the promised land, the future Israel, only to have to leave. The Egyptian equivalent of the TSA check Abraham’s luggage and discover a most unusual item. Yep it was a ‘hot’ item. It was Sarah, his beautiful wife. She actually is recorded as one of the most beautiful woman ever to exist. Abraham was hoping to hide her as he was concerned that she would be taken by the immoral Egyptians and indeed she was. The border guards were smart enough to know that this woman was not in their league and was fit for Pharoh their king. (They probably would score bonus points by bringing her to Pharoh). Abraham had told them that she was her sister. (People openly did not like to take another man’s wife. To solve the problem they just killed the husband).

As the story unfolds Pharoh and his household are afflicted with plagues so that he cannot even touch her. He is smart enough to realize something is amiss and summons Avraham to the palace. He learns that Sarah is his wife. Gives him a great deal of gifts, ask for prayers and ‘nicely’ kicks him out of Egypt.

This recorded event is a forerunner to the future where Yaakov would have to come to Egypt also because of famine. Pharoh and the Egyptian nation would suffer the 10 plagues and the Jewish people would be sent out with great wealth.

Thus in this specific incident we do indeed see that what happened to our founding fathers and mothers of Israel was a forerunner and future sign for the entire Jewish nation. We therefore know that just as the Jewish Nation finally left Egypt, exile we too we finally leave our exile.


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