Posted by: mosesfromsinai | September 29, 2013

Noach – Noah

This week’s Torah Reading is called Noach. Shabbos is also Rosh Chodesh – The New Month of Mar Cheshvan – The bitter (Mar) month of Cheshvan for we no longer have any holidays and sweet honey as a must on our menu.

The big event is the story of the flood and the survival of Noah and his family by building an ark.

For the story of Noah and the Flood I again refer the reader for fun to Bill Cosby on YouTube. For the picture version see: and for the longer sound only version see: Just a little note that in the actual story the building of the Ark took 120 years to allow the people to see and ask. Noah told them the truth in the hope that the people would repent. It obviously did not work.

There is an interesting off shoot of the event. Until the flood Noah and the world were vegetarian. They did not have permission to eat the birds or the animals. After the flood this changed. Because Noah had saved the birds and the animals and had looked after them, he was permitted to eat them once they were killed.

He was given the commandment not to eat a limb from a live animal – Ever Min HaChai. Perhaps this was to avoid the cruelty of just wounding an animal for its food and causing it to suffer more than necessary.

This may be a lesson to us as well. When rewarding someone we should see that it causes pleasure and avoid pain.


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