Posted by: mosesfromsinai | September 22, 2013

Braishees – In The Beginning

This week’s Torah Reading is called Braishees – In the Beginning. We begin again to read the Torah from the beginning after celebrating the conclusion with singing and dancing on Simchas Torah – the Joy of Torah.

This year we again find ourselves singing and dancing on Friday and then right away we read Braishees – In the Beginning. There is really no time to properly study this section. With all other Torah readings we usually have a full week.

Perhaps a possible answer may be with this Torah reading Adam and Eve and the world are created. They were provided a mission in the Garden of Eden. (True they failed), but that mission began on their very first day of their creation. They had no time to learn or train for their mission. They were told to abstain from a special tree. Simple on one level and yet they failed.

We have just finished celebrating Rosh Hashona, Yom Kippur, Succos, Shmeenee Atzeres and Simchas Torah. This all represents a variety of levels of the Al-mighty’s revelations. Now similar to Adam and Eve we are thrown, so to speak, into a world where we have obligations to the Al-mighty. We have our mission, namely to fulfill the will of the Al-mighty. We need really to learn one thing. Do not fail. By fulfilling our mandate we will merit the final day that the Al-mighty has planned long ago when Adam and Eve were created. A world filled with beautiful light coming from our 3rd Bais Hamikdosh – our 3rd Holy Temple.


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