Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 26, 2013

Nitzaveem – Vayailech Standing – And He Went

The Torah Reading for this week is a double Parsha, Nitzaveem – Vayailech
Standing – And He Went. It is read before Rosh Hashona – the New Year.

In the Parsha of Vayailech – And He Went it describes Moshe letting the people know that he has reached the 120 years and will be passing on. He will not enter the land of Israel. Yehoshua his student will take over and lead the Jewish Nation. Moshe encourages them to be strong and to have no fear. They will succeed and overcome the various obstacles that will be placed before them. The Al-mighty will be with them and with Yehoshua so they need not worry. Remain strong, fulfill the Al-mighty’s commandments, and you will conquer the land and your enemies.

As we enter the New Year, we may have fears. Moshe may be telling us to march along, yes do Teshuva – Repent for your mistakes, but have no fear. Work to do the Al-mighty’s bidding and you will conquer the land – all the obstacles that are placed before you. In so doing we will indeed inherit the promised land and merit the 3rd Temple.


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