Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 11, 2013

Key Taitzai – When You Will Go Out

This week’s Torah Reading is Key Taitzia – When You Will Go Out (to war). In this Torah Reading there are an abundance of positive and negative commandments. Among the positive commandments is the commandment to send a mother bird away when taking her baby birds. The commentary writes that we should not kill both the mother bird and her offspring on the same day to implant in man the attribute of mercy.

The immediate mention after that is the acquisition of a new home followed by other positive things happening. The commentaries point out that this is the idea of one good deed leading to another. By fulfilling the positive commandment showing mercy to the mother bird we are rewarded with a positive event of acquiring a new home. By building a fence on the upper balcony we are again rewarded.

The Torah is sending us a message that listening to the Al-mighty brings about positive good things.

When we must wage battles in life, victory is based on listening to the Al-mighty. The commandments in the Torah are the blue prints to victory.


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