Posted by: mosesfromsinai | July 7, 2013

Devareem – Words

This week begins the 5th book of the Torah, Devareem – Words. This week also begins the New Month of Menachem Av, where the first 9 days we abstain from eating meat, except on Shabbos and on the 9th, Tisha B’Av. we fast.

Thus we could say that this is a sad time. Yet as we read the Torah portion and as Moshe concludes the first section called Devareem it ends off with a very positive note. Moshe recounts the battle they had with Og the King of Bashan. Og was a huge, huge giant and the nation was very battle worthy. Yet Moshe personally kills Og the Giant and the Jewish nation is victorious in battle. Moshe concludes the section by saying we should have no fear as the Al-mighty fights our battles for us.

We have a huge, huge world that we live in, with a multitude of struggles and challenges. Yet Moshe tells us that we should have no fear as the Al-mighty fights our battles for us. (I do believe we need to take positive action as we see Moshe took – only when we are very specifically instructed not to, such as the crossing of the Yum Soof. There we were told not to even engage in battle with the Egyptians, this would be totally left up to the Al-mighty). However, when we engage, knowing that the Al-mighty is fighting our battles, this produces a positive outcome.

In life we must call out to the Al-mighty and remind Him of His commitment just as we remind ourselves of our commitment. This will lead to the ultimate commitment of a unified Jewish nation followed by the building of the 3rd Temple


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