Posted by: mosesfromsinai | June 16, 2013

Balak – Balak

This week’s Torah Reading is called Balak. Balak had hired Bilaam, a prophet, to curse the Jewish Nation so that Balak would be successful in war. Bilaam is prevented from cursing the Jewish Nation by the Al-mighty. Instead he ends up blessing the Jewish Nation. Balak thus refuses to wire any further money to Bilaam’s off shore account.

Bilaam does provide Balak with some advise on what might work. He tells Balak to get the Jewish Nation to commit a bad sin and then the Al-mighty will take negative action against the Jewish Nation. Bilaam advises Balak to have the Jewish men enticed by the women to then worship an idol called Baal Peor. To worship this idol all you had to was defecate in front of the idol. This the Jewish men would find crazy and thus do. It is still idol worshiping.

There are times when we see crazy fashions or behaviors and feel that it is no crime to imitate them. Wrong big time. The Jewish Nation is the light in a world of darkness. By imitating stupidity we bring further darkness into the world rather than light. Our job is 24/7. Each action that we perform is one that should kindle a light. Thus, before the Torah was given, it was appropriate for the Shabbat candles that the Jewish Mothers of Israel lit to miraculously remain lit the entire week.

We can also learn from Bilaam, whose power was in using words, that we can add much light in this world of darkness by words. Certainly words of learning Torah, but also words of kindness when we speak to people.


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