Posted by: mosesfromsinai | June 9, 2013

Chukas – Statutes

In this week’s Torah Reading we have the event recorded where Moshe hits the rock instead of speaking to the rock. This error caused Moshe to lose the right to enter Israel. In certain ways it is hard to comprehend why Moshe should lose that right based on an error. He certainly was not trying to rebel against the Al-mighty. Yet all that he may have worked for, to lead the Jewish Nation into the promised land is not to happen. Even his body is not transported there. The bodies of the 12 sons of Yakov are transported into the Promised Land. Perhaps that is one of the reasons it is recorded in this week’s Torah Reading which deals with Commandments that we do not understand the rational for – Chukas.

Even stranger perhaps is that the Al-mighty sort of sets Moshe up for this error. He instructs Moshe to go get the special staff that Moshe used to perform miracles and originally produce water from the rock 40 years ago. Since then the water came from the rock because of the merits of Miriam. With Miriam’s death the water ceased to flow. This rock was also the rock that provided water to Hagar when she ran out of water for her and her son.

If Moshe is supposed to speak to the rock rather than hit the rock with the staff, why does the Al-mighty instruct him to specifically bring the staff? It would appear that the Al-mighty does not want Moshe’s holy body in the Holy Land at this time. Moshe looses the opportunity to sanctify the Al-mighty by showing that even a rock listens to the words of the Al-mighty, certainly the Jewish Nation should. This was the error, the loss of Kiddush Hashem, Sanctifying the Al-mighty, by hitting the rock rather than speaking to the rock this time. Moshe will enter when the final redemption comes. May that be speedily in our time.


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