Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 12, 2013

Naso – Count

This week’s Torah Reading deals with the test for the woman suspected of committing adultery. She had been warned by her husband to stay away and not be private with a specific male. She violated that request and we are unsure of what took place while she was alone with this specific man. She is called a Sotah, meaning she strayed from the proper path.

She was tested by special “Holy Water” in the time of the Temple. The Al-mighty’s name was written on parchment with a list of curses and then the parchment was immersed in the specially prepared water. The ink was erased and she drank from this water. If she was guilty the water was a curse and she suffered and died a special death. If she was innocent then she was blessed with an easy future child-birth or pregnancy, if she never had children.

In my mind there remains one question if she is found innocent. How is the relationship between the husband and wife going to be? The end story is she did not listen to his request, so how is he going to be happy with that? As for the wife, who is he to tell me who to be with and then cause me all this embarrassment in public and having to drink the bitter water? A strange reward, having a first child or an easy delivery. How about just living together peacefully?

Perhaps we can find an answer by looking at the relationship we have with the Al-mighty. This week we will celebrate Shavuous, the Giving of the Torah. The Al-mighty is referred to as the “Groom” and the Jewish Nation as the “Bride”. The Mt. Sinai was lifted over the heads of the Jewish Nation to form a Chupah – a canopy and a marriage ceremony took place between the Al-mighty and the Jewish Nation. We received commandments from the Al-mighty and as time went on it would appear that we also did not listen. We were exiled, we were embarrassed and yes there may be anger and resentment. However, the Jewish Nation has shown that we ultimately did not commit the horrible crime of “adultery”. The bottom line is the Jewish Nation – the Kallah – the Bride, has remained faithful to Her Chassan – the Groom – the Al-mighty. True, we the bride did not fully listen, but we remain attached to our Groom. We recently celebrated in Israel, Yom Yerushalayem, the day we got back Jerusalem. Even those that are not heavily committed in fulfilling the required commandments feel a special attachment to Jerusalem and Israel. This shows that ultimately, the soul of the bride, the soul of the Jewish Nation has remained faithful. This will bring out the love from the Groom – the Al-mighty and He will soon express that love by redeeming His bride – the Jewish Nation, with the building of the 3rd Temple


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