Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 5, 2013

Bimeedbar – In The Desert

This week’s Torah Reading begins the 4th book called Bimeedbar – In The Desert. The beginning of the Torah portion spends a great deal of time counting the various tribes. The Tribe of Levi is left out of the first level of counting. They are later, in the Torah reading, given a special level of counting.

The Levites are to replace the first-born of Israel in the service provided in the Temple. They have constantly shown their attachment to the Al-mighty. The tribe of Levi did not assimilate in any way in Egypt. Amram was the leader from the Tribe of Levi and remained firm. He became the father of Aaron, Miriam and Moshe. Moshe became the leader of the Jewish nation, Miriam was in charge of the women. This we see after the crossing of the Red Sea where it is Miriam who leads the women out to sing and dance. Aaron is selected to be the Cohen Gadol – the High Priest.

The Levites did not participate in the Sin of the Golden Calf. They helped rectify the situation by killing those that were involved. They were committed to keeping the Torah in totality. They wished to always be attached to the Al-mighty and thus be holy.

Levi means attachment. Leah, when she gave birth to her 3rd child said that now Yakov will be attached to me, (Yilaveh). She had fulfilled her obligation of giving birth to 3 of the 12 tribes that were to be born. There were 4 wives, which meant that each could contribute 3 children. Leah in the end gave birth to 6 boys and prayed for her sister, Rochel, to give birth also to 2 boys so that Rochel would be no less than the 2 maid servants Yakov married. The maid servants gave birth to 2 boys each.

We too need to constantly attach ourselves to the Al-mighty as do the Levites. Every time we fulfill a commandment we show this attachment to the Giver of the Torah. It is through this attachment that we will ultimately merit to see the Building of our 3rd Temple.


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