Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 28, 2013

Bihar – Bichukosi In the Mountain – In My Statutes

This week’s Torah Reading is a double portion. We also conclude the 3rd Book Vayeekra – And He Called and bless the new month of Sivan, the month the Torah was given. In addition, we have also been counting the Omar, each evening leading up to the Giving of the Torah. This week begins with the 33rd day of the Omar – Lag (33) B’Omar (in the Omar). This is a special day of rejoicing. Our period of mourning for some ends, others have different customs. However, according to everyone, the 33rd day of the Omar is a happy time and music is once again permitted.

In the Torah Reading, as mentioned, we conclude the 3rd book. This means we are about to enter the 4th Book which is called BaMidbar – In the Desert. A Desert is a void, where there is no water, no food, nothing. there is a tendency to become depressed in a void. The Torah is giving us a tool for such a situation. First we had to realize we have been called – Vayeekra, the Al-mighty has given each and every one of us a special calling in life. This year we have the additional blessing of the 33rd day of the Omar. It is especially helpful to be able to take on the desert – Midbar with music and dancing. THe obstacles in life, the emptiness will be filled with positive energy. It is with this that we can survive any Midbar – desert. Even more than survive, we can make it a place that blossoms through our Torah learning and good deeds done with true joy – Simcha. This will lead to the ultimate Simcha – joy, the revelation again of the Al-mighty in the 3rd Holy Temple.


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