Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 21, 2013

Emor – Say

This week’s Torah Reading is Emor – Say.  The first part deals with the various laws for a regular Cohen and the laws for the Cohen Gadol – the High Priest.  Even when they experience the loss of a close one they have to maintain a special level of their spirituality.

The regular Cohen is limited to whom he may become impure for, the Cohen Gadol even more so.

Though these laws apply specifically to the Cohaneem, there is still something we can all learn from.  Because of their closeness to the service of the Al-mighty they were given additional restrictions.

We too need to think carefully about our conduct as the Al-mighty’s chosen children.  We have a special spiritual mission in life and we must be careful not to defile ourselves with our behaviour and actions.  As a light to the nations of the world we must ensure that we shine brightly and purely.

It is with this awareness that we will merit to bring in the ultimate pure light that was created on the 1st day through the redemption and building of the 3rd Temple.


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