Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 5, 2013

Shemeenee – Eighth

This week’s Torah Reading is called Shemeenee. This year it comes after Pesach. On Pesach we reached a very high level of purity and made a very special connection with the Al-mighty.

The number 8 does indeed symbolize this high level. A Jewish boy enters the covenant with the Al-mighty on the 8th day with circumcision. This is an act that Avraham performed when instructed by the Al-mighty late in his life. This represented the concept of his body being totally dedicated to the service of the Al-mighty.

The miracle of Chanuka and the 8 candles also represents the concept of total commitment to the Almighty adding each day more light to the world.

The fact that Shemeenee also contains the Jewish dietary laws is also special and shows our bound with the Al-mighty.

Each day we should strive to live a life that expresses this special connection with the Creator of the world. Then one day soon we can also celebrate the establishment of the 3rd Temple and the Al-mighty clearly dwelling amongst us


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