Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 17, 2013

Tzav – Command

This week’s Torah Reading is called Tzav – Command. It is also Shabbos Hagodal – The Great Shabbos, the Shabbos before Passover. This is the time when the Jewish Nation took a lamb, which was the Egyptian Idol and tied it to a post. We were getting ready to slaughter the lamb, the Egyptian Idol. This symbolized a total defiance of Egyptian culture.

The word Tzav, as mentioned in previous years also means “attach”. This refers to the concept of a Jew being attached to the Al-mighty by fulfilling a Mitzva – Commandment. (Note the similarity in the Hebrew word Mitzva to the Hebrew word Tzav).

Exile often brings about attachments to foreign cultures. As a Jewish Nation our attachment needs to be only to the Al-mighty. By breaking free from these foreign attachments, (symbolized by a passive lamb following the “crowd” or “style – fad” of the time) we begin the process of redemption.

Tzav and Shabbos Hagodal remind us that it is time to tie the lamb down, ready it for sacrifice and attach ourselves to the Al-mighty by fulfilling His Mitvos – Commandments. In this way the complete and final redemption will come.


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