Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 24, 2013

Kee Seesa – When You Will Count

This week’s Torah Reading is Kee Seesa – When You Will Count. It is also a special Shabbos in that we read the Laws of the Parah Adumah – Red Cow. The ashes were used to purify people who had become Tamay – Contaminated. It is a Law that is called a Chok – a Statute, a law that has no logical explanation. We are given different types of commandments: Mishpateem – Legal Laws, laws that make sense and are needed in every society, such as laws in monetary matters; Aidus – Testimonies, laws that were made as a special sign between the Jewish Nation and the Al-mighty such as are Yom Toveem – Jewish Holidays. Chukeem – Statutes, laws that have no logic, such as this one the Parah Adumah – Red Cow. We read it now as a reminder of getting purified so that we can offer the Korban Pesach – Passover sacrifice in the time of the Mishkan and the Bais Hamikdosh – Holy Temple.

In the Torah Reading we read about the terrible sin of the Aigel Hazahav – The Golden Calf. This is followed by the forgiveness of the Jewish Nation and Moshe going up Mt. Sinai with a new set of Tablets that the Al-mighty instructed Moshe to carve out. Moshe had broken the first set when he saw the Golden Calf. The Al-mighty would again write on these two tablets the 10 Commandments.

Perhaps the concept of forgiveness is like a Chok – a Statute, that in some ways makes no sense. Someone hurt you, physically or emotionally, why should you forgive that person? Do you really feel the same way towards that individual? Is it logical to feel the same way as you did before you were hurt? I think not. Yet we are obligated to forgive and strangely enough we actually do feel this forgiveness.

The presentation of the 2nd set of Tablets, the Commandment to build the Mishkan – Sanctuary and the Al-mighty, so to speak, resting His Divine presence there, represented this forgiveness and closeness once again.

We began this week of Kee Seesa – When you will count, with the festival of Purim. The Al-mighty forgiving us and saving us from the wicked Haman. May we progress to the ultimate forgiveness with the building of the 3rd Bais Hamikdash – Temple.


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