Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 10, 2013

Terumah – An Offering

This week’s Torah Reading is called Terumah. The Jewish people were requested to give with a free heart various items for the construction of the Mishkan – Temple. This also included items that would be used in the Mishkan as well as the material for the Priestly garments.

One of the items that would be used in the Mishkan was the Shulchan – Table. It was made of acacia wood and covered with gold. There were 12 loaves of bread placed on the Shulchan, representing the 12 tribes. These loaves were baked on Friday and remained there until new loaves were baked on the following Friday. When the new loaves were baked they replaced the old 12 loaves and gave the old ones to the Kohaneem – Priests to eat.
Yummy – a week old challa, just what we all are looking to buy Erev Shabbos.

Let us back track and understand what the bread on the Shulchan represented for the week it was there. Bread is a symbol of prosperity. Every home needs to provide “bread” – sustenance for their family. The bread on the Shulchan, for the entire week, symbolized that the Al-mighty would indeed provide for the Jewish nation.

A clear illustration of this daily miracle was seen when the Kohaneem – Priests ate the week old “Challa”. The Kohen who ate just a single bite was fully satisfied from the Challa. (No, it was not stale and moldy and that is all he could or wanted to eat. – It was indeed yummy).

Today the tables we eat on sort of represent the Shulchan in the Mishkan. May the Al-mighty provide us with prosperity for the entire week. (I do recommend, at present, making French toast out of the left over challa and not save it for the following Erev Shabbos).


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