Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 20, 2013

Bishalach – Sent Out

This week’s Torah Reading, Bishalach – Sent Out, has the special section and story of the Mannah from Heaven.  After the amazing miracle of the splitting of the Yum Suf, the Jews continued their journey.  One month after leaving Egypt, they complain that they would have preferred to die in Egypt rather than to die of hunger in the desert.  Their provisions they brought from Egypt had run out.

The Al-mighty tells Moses to instruct the people that they should daily go out to collect a special food that will rain from Heaven.  The people called it Man (what is it) as they had no way to define the type of food it was.  On Friday they would receive a double portion so they need not go out on Shabbos.  (There would be nothing there anyway).

This all seems a bit strange.  Here you have a nation that has witnessed the 10 plagues brought against their oppressors, the Egyptians.  They have witnessed other miracles and recently, about 3 weeks ago, they experienced the amazing miracle of Kriyat Yum Suf – The splitting of the Yum Suf.  Do they not think and believe that the Al-mighty will look after their needs?  They need a daily reminder of the Mannah to come from Heaven?

The answer is yes.  They obviously needed a daily reminder.  They had been in exile for a very long time, over 200 years and this was sort of all new to them.  In addition, this would instill in every Jew the deep down belief in the Al-mighty and that He will ultimately look after our daily needs.  We would need this to survive our almost 2000 years of exile.

We today do not have our daily Mannah from Heaven.  Yet we have our firm belief that the Al-mighty will shortly take us out of our present Golus – Exile and build the 3rd Temple in our CAPITAL CITY –  JERUSALEM  (all of Jerusalem – that is correct UN).


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