Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 30, 2012

Shemos – Names

This week’s Torah reading begins with the 2nd Book called Shemos – Names and in English it is referred to as Exodus.

In the Parsha we find a strange event.  There are actually many strange events in this week’s Torah reading.  The one I refer to is where Moshe sees an Egyptian beating a fellow Jew.

Moshe (Moses) had been raised in his very early years by his own mother, Yocheved.  She told him who he was and filled him in on the history of his people.  When at the age of 20, according to many opinions, he was appointed by his adopted grandfather, good old Pharoh, to a position of a little power.  He went out and saw the situation of his real family, his Jewish relatives and recommended to Pharoh that he would get more productivity if the Jewish slaves had one day of rest.  Pharoh agreed and Moshe (Moses) gave them the Sabbath off.

On one of his visits he saw an Egyptian beating a Jewish man.  The real story was this Egyptian had seen this man’s Jewish wife and got the ‘hots’ for her.  He saw to it that this man had long hours so that one day this Egyptian could sneek in to their home and pose as the husband  and do (censored a bit) ‘hanky panky’.  Well the husband found out and thus the Egyptian began to beat the Jew.

Moshe (Moses) sees this happening and sees the real reason behind the beating.  He takes action.  He uses the Kabbalistic name of the Al-mighty, (his mama taught him well) and kills the Egyptian.  He burries him so that none should discover the body.  (They had a very good CSI in Egypt and would be able to find incriminating evidence from the body.)  (Do not worry we still are a long way from CSI Egypt).

The following day he goes out and this time encounters 2 Jews ready to go at it.  When he intervenes, the Jew in the wrong challenges Moshe (Moses) and asks are you going to kill me too like you did to that Egyptian?  Well Moshe (Moses) now sees that not all the Jews are of outstanding character and there is a reason for the exile.  He is arrested for killing the Egyptian, (these 2 Jews were real nice guys snitching on him and they continued to cause him trouble for a long time even after the redemption).

Worry not for the Al-mighty creates a miracle and allows Moshe (Moses) to escape Egypt.

What we do see is that a leader cares and is ready to put his life on the line.  Moshe (Moses) would certainly be our leader and lead us out of Exile. So too, our future leader will gladly risk his life to redeem us from this present exile.


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