Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 16, 2012

Vayeegash – And He Approached

In this week’s Torah reading Yakov arrives in Egypt.  (Moshe watches this reunion of a father with his favorite son whom he thought dead for 22 years – wow).  (Yoseph’s kids were excited too – Zaddie’s here with amazing stories to tell – another big wow).

Yoseph has them settle in their own area which is best for raising animals and to keep them a distance from the Egyptian negative culture.  (There were no Jews living in the various other cities for Chabad Shluchim to be sent as yet).

Yoseph takes his father, Yakov, to meet with Pharoh.  Pharoh is actually excited that they have come to Egypt.  (Even back then Jews were good for business and the economy).

Pharoh asks Yakov about his life and Yakov fills Pharoh in.  At the end of the interview or meeting, Yakov blesses Pharoh.  We are informed by tradition, (Moshe actually hears the blessing), that the Nile River should rise to greet Pharoh and overflow This will mean the end of the famine, five years early.  (Not to worry, no one will complain that it did not go the full seven years).

Pharoh takes a trip to the Nile River and the blessing is fulfilled.


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