Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 9, 2012

Meekaitz – End

This week’s Shabbos Torah Reading falls on the 7th day of Chanuka.  Thus this week we experience a full week of miracles associated with the Bais Hamikdosh.

Pharoh has had his dreams which resulted in Yoseph being released to interpret the dreams.  Yoseph does this in a wise way and Pharoh elevates him to the highest position in Egypt.  (Moses is looking at this and may have said – Wow a Jewish Prime Minister of Egypt).

The 7 years of plenty have come and gone.  The 7 years of famine have begun. Yoseph’s brothers have come a first time and were treated in a tough way by Yoseph.  They did not recognize him as he was young and without a beard at the time they sold him.  Now he was with a beard and dressed as a ruler.

He tells them that when they come again they must bring their youngest brother, Benyamin if they wish to be sold grain.  This was not an easy task as Yakov had already lost one son, Yoseph, from his favorite wife Rochel.  Yakov would be and was reluctant.  He was concerned that something might happen to Benyamin on the way.

Note that on the first trip to Egypt for food, Shimon did not return to Yakov.  The brothers had indicated that Yoseph held Shimon as hostage to ensure that they would return with Benyamin. Yoseph was actually afraid that Shimon would get together with Levi and plan to do who knows what to the city, like they did with Shechem.  Thus Yoseph separated him from Levi and the rest of the brothers. Ya okay it may have been a bit of payback for Shimon was the instigator in getting rid of Yoseph.  Please also note that after the brothers left, Yoseph had Shimon released and told him who he was and asked that Shimon play along.

The brothers do succeed in convincing Yakov to send Benyamin with Yehuda being the guarantor for Benyamin’s safety.

They appear before the Prime Minister of Egypt, (Yoseph), and are invited to his place for dinner.  All is very friendly, but Yoseph has a plan.  He wishes to see if they are willing to put their lives on the line to save their little brother Benyamin.

He frames Benyamin with the theft of his, Yoseph’s, special wine goblet.  It was actually just an ordinary wine goblet but Yoseph had pretended it had special powers that allowed him to see which brother was older and from which mother he came from.  Yoseph had claimed that this goblet had other powers as well.  The brothers think that perhaps Benyamin may have taken the goblet, just as his mother, Rochel, had taken her father’s special idols.  Will they stand up and protect Benyamin?  They had once united to be rid of one of Rochel’s kids, the favorite, Yoseph.  Would they now unite and put their lives in jeopardy to save Rochel’s other kid, now the favorite, Benyamin?

Are we united and prepared to rescue all our lost brothers (and sisters)?


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