Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 2, 2012

Vayaishev – And He Settled

Again for Mature Audience Only. (See Vayaishev 2009 and the Story of Yehuda and Tamar).  Once again Moses may have asked for a pass on this event taking place,  but the Al-mighty tells him you have to see it all.

The event we are talking about is Yoseph’s encounter with the wife of Potiphar,his master.  Potiphar had appointed Yoseph now as head of his household.  He saw how great Yoseph was and put him in charge.

Now that Yoseph was in charge he felt he had to look 5th Avenue style.  He groomed himself nicely, Armani suits and so on.  Perhaps a little too far considering his father, Yakov, was in mourning thinking Yoseph, his favorite son, was dead.

The Al-mighty was not happy with this behaviour and decided to send trouble in the form of Potiphar’s wife.  (Note in those days older women may have been called bears, today they are called cougars).  She took a liking to Yoseph, and wanted him for (censored).

Yoseph was pretty well able to resist her advances except one day when they were all alone she came on real  strong.  Only Yoseph at the last moment was able to see a vision of his father, Yakov, which  allowed him to escape this hot scene.  (For the record, She had seen that she was to be connected to this family, only not with her but her adopted daughter, Asnas.  She actually was the daughter of Dinah who had been raped)

His rejection did not sit well with the wife of Potiphar.  She makes up a story that caused her husband to place Yoseph in jail.  (Even in those days, the bears – cougars were strong and you had to be careful).

Yoseph is placed in what we can describe a darker exile.  Here too, he manages to rise above the challenges and is appointed the head by the prison warden.

Yoseph sets the tone for the Jewish Nation.  As dark as our exile becomes we have the ability, and we indeed do rise, to face the challenges.


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