Posted by: mosesfromsinai | November 18, 2012

Vayaitzai – And He Went Out

This week’s Torah Reading, Vayaitzai – And He Went Out, deals with Yaakov getting married to Rochel and Leah and their maid servants, Bilhah and Zilpah.  It also contains the quick exit Yaakov decides to make after Yoseph is born to Rochel from his father-in-law Lavan.

We find an interesting phenomenon, which is repeated in several places.  Lavan learns after 3 days that Yaakov has fled. (In those days they did not have satellite news to know within minutes what was going on).  We find that the  Al-mighty paid Avraham a visit on the 3rd day after his circumcision. Avraham comes to Mt. Moriah to sacrifice Yitzchak on the 3rd day.  We find that Pharoh discovers on the 3rd day that the Jewish people are not coming back to Egypt (again no satellite news).

(Moses learning up on Mt. Sinai and being taught and seeing all this is wondering hey do I get to go back down after 3 days up here or how about 3 weeks? – Actually he probably liked it up there as he did not have to deal with the complaints he may have heard daily from the Jewish people).

The 3 days does have a significance.  We remember that on the 3rd Day of Creation the Al-mighty said “It was good” 2 times.  We often find that when we make a decision we still have doubts – was it a good decision.  By the 3rd day, we realize that “It was good”.

In Judaism we have the concept called ‘Chazaka’ which means after 3 times or 3 years it is a set fact.  Ownership of property is valid with a ‘Chazaka’ possession for 3 years.

Yaakov was free from his father-in-law, Lavan; the Jewish nation was free from Pharoh in Egypt; and Avraham had passed all of his tests from the Al-mighty.


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