Posted by: mosesfromsinai | November 11, 2012

Toldos – Digging Wells

In the Torah reading for this week, Toldos – literal translation is Generations, we read about Yitzchak digging wells.  Moses is up on Mt. Sinai and has seen the future, our time now.  Moses sees $4 a gallon of gas and going up.  He is watching Yitzchak dig and is praying – come on yes, yes ah nuts water again.

The Al-mighty explains to Moses what is going on here with the digging.  Abraham had dug wells and the Philistines had filled them back up.  Yitzchak  re-dug them and then dug 3 wells that the Torah gives names to.  The digging is sort of a symbol that there are buried treasures in one’s life and we have to dig to fulfill our potential.  The Philistines did not agree with this philosophy of Abraham and Yitzchak and thus they filled in Avraham’s wells that he had dug.  It required Yitzchak, who maintained his father’s philosophy, to re-dig these wells and give them the same names that Avraham had given.  This showing respect and also carrying on in his father’s footsteps.

Yitzchak then dug additional wells in Gerar.  The 3 that he dug symbolized the 3 Temples.  The first 2 wells the shepherds of Gerar disputed and claimed that since the water flowed from their land the wells belonged to them.  The Torah does mention that the water was actually fresh and thus did not belong to the shepherds of Gerar. (What else is new – whatever we claim is ours the nations of the world find an excuse to deny and claim as theirs – (Hello Vatican you have a few things that still belong to us down below in your basements). (Oh and hello UN and countries of the world – Jerusalem is the capital of Israel).

The 2 wells that were disputed represented the 2 Temples that were to be built and then later destroyed.  The 3rd well, called Rechovot, symbolized the comfort and spreading out of the permanent ownership of the Land of Israel with the building of the final 3rd Temple.

Moses did like this explanation as he knew that he too would be present for the 3rd Temple although one wonders if he did say, (“It wouldn’t hurt to have found a little oil”).  Perhaps Moses was answered, because Thursday of this week’s Torah reading is the 1st day of Kislev, the month that Chanukah falls in, where a miracle happened and they found 1 container of pure oil that lasted 8 days. (Okay it was olive oil – but we are still digging and exploring in Israel).

However, I along with Moses would be most happy to have the 3rd Temple built in the month of Kislev coming up.  I am also sure that Moses would be happy to have the  container of pure olive oil for the real Temple Menorah and to witness its lighting this Kislev.


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