Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 28, 2012

Vayaira – And He Appeared

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayaira which contains the story of the destruction of Sodom.  The good news is that it was a limited destruction and not the destruction for the entire world.  It was a very bad city, so bad that Avraham could not find 10 worthy people in it that would allow the city to be saved. (This is where I would love to crack a joke, but I have to be careful not to insult a specific city).

Avraham does manage to save his nephew Lot and his 2 unmarried daughters.  (Who said family does not count or is not important).  There is a reason why Lot was saved along with his 2 daughters.  One of the main reasons Sodom was destroyed was due to the fact it treated strangers in a most horrific way, if you were not very wealthy.  That is why Lot was indeed accepted into the community of Sodom when he moved away from his Uncle Avraham, he was a multi-millionaire.  If you were poor or just middle class, you were a most non-invited individual or family.  You were treated terribly and cruelly. Many cities have neighborhoods like that.  They still have not learned from Sodom.  Lot on the other hand had learned from Avraham to be hospitable and thus he hosted the angels that came to visit, rescue him and destroy the city.

His 2 daughters were destined to mother 2 very important women.  The first being Ruth the Moabite, who would be the famous convert who would be the special Grand Bubby to King David. The second would be Naama the Amoanite, who would convert and marry King Solomon.  These 2 woman would be the future mothers of Moshiach.

Thus in this week’s Torah Reading, Vayaira – And He Appears, can certainly mean that the Al-mighty is putting in an appearance to guarantee the future destiny of the Jewish people. This is done by assuring that Avraham and Sarah will have a child and that the future mothers of Moshiach will be rescued from destruction.

It certainly would be nice once again for the Al-mighty to put in an appearance.  For this we hope and pray everyday.


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