Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 21, 2012

Lech Lecha – The Covenant

In this week’s Torah Reading, Lech Lecha, we have the famous Covenant – promises of the Al-mighty to Avraham.  Avraham had just defeated the 4 kings in battle.  He had killed many individuals and the Al-mighty had performed a miracle in allowing Avraham to defeat these 4 kings to rescue his nephew Lot.  Avraham felt a bit guilty about the killings and also thought he may have used up his credit with the Al-mighty. (Credit cards way back then?  Abraham’s card had maxed out?) Avraham was further bothered by what he saw in the stars – nature, he and Sarah were not destined to have kids according to the laws of nature as seen in the stars.  Avraham and Sarah’s path and philosophy in life would cease when they would die.  Those they had influenced would carry on only in part.  The full message of Monotheism and Judaism would be lost to the world.

The Al-mighty reassures Avraham in this week’s Torah reading.  First the guys you killed, deserved it.  Then he assured Avraham that his credit had not maxed out.  (Remember there is only One Al-mighty so it is not like you can get a second credit card).  The Al-mighty told Avraham to look beyond the stars.  Avraham and Sarah transcended nature, they acted in ways that defied logic in their service to the Al-mighty and they would be rewarded in kind.

Avraham would be protected and have unlimited credit (now that is a ‘bank’ I like). Okay it does not say unlimited but it does say a great amount of credit and we are talking about the Al-mighty so that is a huge amount of credit.

Avraham and Sarah would have a child to perpetuate their way of life and their offspring would be greater than the stars, defying logic. Thus the Jewish nation would never be destroyed in total no matter how terrible the world would become. The land of Israel would belong to them and their children. Minor detail, their children would have to spend some time in Egypt before they got the land of Israel. They would then leave Egypt, rich, and inherit the land of Israel. (Al-mighty, we are still sort of in Egypt – exile and we have bills to pay. How about taking us out now permanently with the funds to pay our bills with the building of the 3rd Temple)?


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