Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 14, 2012

Noach – Noah

This week’s portion has the famous story of Noah and the Flood as well as the Tower of Babel and the development of languages.

For the story of Noah and the Flood I again refer the reader for fun to YouTube. For the picture version see:  and for the longer sound only version see:   Just a little note that in the actual story the building of the Ark took 120 years to allow the people to see and ask. Noah told them the truth in the hope that the people would repent.  It obviously did not work.

Now on to the story of the Tower of Babel.

The original first language according to the Torah, Bible, was Hebrew.  For example, in the Story of Creation, the Al-mighty calls the Heaven, Shamayim in Hebrew.  Shamayim (Heaven) is a combination of Aish (fire) and Mayim (water).  In Hebrew we can see that combination.  In the English forget it.  Similarly, when Adam was called to name the animals, the Al-mighty agreed to each name.  This sounds strange.  What Adam saw was the Hebrew letters, the combination of Spiritual Energy it took to create each animal and thus its Hebrew name.  In chemistry it is like H2O for water.

The people, 340 years after the flood, led by Nimrod, got together to build a tower to the Heaven.  Nimrod’s intent was to defeat the One that caused the flood so that he would not have to worry about being punished for his crimes in the future.  Until that time they were still of one language.  The Al-mighty decided to create a multiple of languages on the spot so the constuction would stop.  Just envision a construction site where everyone spoke a different language.  The amount of accidents and fights would destroy the project.  Thus the people dispersed to various places on earth based on their now common language.

The original plan was to share common ground.  Today we see great things happen when different people get together and share knowledge.  Great strides in the medical field and other areas have been achieved.  The First day of Creation indicates this idea when the Al-mighty said “Let there be light”.  We, His creation, are to get together in positive ways and dispel the ‘darkness’ that we find the world in.

Let us get together, now even with our different languages and cultures, not as Nimrod did to battle the Al-mighty, but rather to fulfill the Al-mighty’s desire – to have a world filled with only good.


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