Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 22, 2011

Ri’aih – See

This week’s Parsha is Ri’aih.  The Torah reading contains 17 Positive Commandments and 38 Negative Commandments.  Among the commandments are the Kosher Food Laws.  The Torah records the types of animals, birds, fish etc., that are permitted or prohibited for us to eat.   It is a must read and learn for keeping kosher.  The Torah stresses, by using the word Ri’aih (see), that the laws, if kept, will be seen to be a blessing.  People will see the value in keeping kosher.

The Parsha once again lists the Chazir (pig) in a separate sentence just as the Torah did in the Parsha of Shemeenee in the 3rd Book called Vayeekra.  We are reminded that it may look kosher as it has split hooves that we can easily see.  However, inside it lacks the double stomach that is also required to render an animal kosher.  It is a clear reminder to each person that one is obligated to work on oneself, both externally and internally.  A person has to be kosher inside as well as outside.

The Midrash comments that Rome is compared to the Pig.  [Babylon is compared to the Gamal (camel), Persia to the Shafan (hyrax), Greece to the Arnevet (rabbit).  Rome looked good on the outside but was rotten on the inside.

The good news is that the word Chazir for pig also means return.  The Midrash also states that the Chazir will return to be kosher for the future when Moshiach comes.  The pig will develop a double stomach, and become kosher on the inside.


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