Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 15, 2011

Aikev – Heel

This week’s Torah reading is Aikev.  Aikev is the Hebrew word meaning heel.  We first found “Aikev” used when the baby described born second is holding onto his twin brother’s heel. This baby is named Yakov, the son of Yitzchak.  As an aside, the simple reason why they didn’t call this baby “Aikev” is, who would want to name their baby “Heel”!  (Could you imagine what school life would be like with a name like “Heel”?)  A Yud was added and the name became Yakov.  (Please note that Aikev in Hebrew is spelled Iyin, Kuf, Vais.  The numerical value of the Iyin is 70, the Kuf is 100 and the Vais is 2.  This comes to a total of 172.  If you add the number 172 – 1+7+2 you arrive at 10, the numerical equivalent of the Hebrew letter Yud – the first letter in Yakov’s name).  Note also that Yud is the first letter in the Hebrew name for the Al-mighty.  Yakov was indeed a holy man from the bottom of his heel to the tip of his head.

The name Aikev – heel, further implies those types of commandments that may seem unimportant and are at the bottom of priorities.  They may be just ‘stepped’ upon and ignored.  Judaism stresses that the little things are important as well.  How many times have we heard that it is the little things in life that count and show affection?

In the Parsha the Al-mighty says that if we will listen to those commandments that one tends to ignore, then the Al-mighty will keep His promise.  These commandments are the ones that show our true love, commitment and attachment.  When we begin to fulfill these seemingly insignificant commandments (responsibilities) then the Al-mighty will truly bless us with all the blessings described in the Torah reading including the final redemption.


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