Posted by: mosesfromsinai | July 11, 2011

Pinchas – Pinchas

This week’s Parsha, Pinchas, deals, in part, with the love of the land of Israel.  The division of the land of Israel is set up for each of the tribes.  The method used was a form of lottery.  To be sure, it was a miraculous lottery.  Each leader of the 12 tribes drew a lot that confirmed the voice of the Kohen Gadol (Elazer, the High Priest) that had announced what portion that tribe was to receive.

However, there was a challenge issued by the 5 daughters of Zelophechad, stating that they too deserved a portion in the land.  True, their father had died, but his death was not due to the sin of the others that lost their right to the land when they died.  They loved the land and argued that their father’s portion should belong to them.

In the end, in this specific case, the Al-mighty informed Moshe that the women were correct and they should receive a portion in the land of Israel.

This event motivates Moshe to one more time pray that he too may enter the land of Israel and that the Al-mighty revoke the decree that he not be allowed to enter.  Moshe is told that the decree is still in effect and he will not enter the land of Israel.

We soon will be entering the sad 3 weeks beginning with the 17th of Tammuz  (Tuesday July 19th).  This is the sad event of the Jewish people worshiping the Golden Calf and Moshe breaking the 2 tablets containing the Ten Commandments.  This day also marks the day on which Nebudchadnezzar and his forces breached the walls of Jerusalem, the beginning of the 3 weeks which ends with the 9th of Av, the Temple burning and for all intensive purposes the beginning of the exile of the Jewish people.

This week’s Parsha give a commitment that the 12 tribes will inherit the land.  Even those 5 women who thought they would be excluded, fought and won their right to a portion in the land of Israel.

We enter a sad time, but know that we (the 12 tribes) will inherit the Holy Land and the 3rd Temple will be rebuilt.  This is part of the positive message in the Torah reading of Pinchas just before we enter the 3 weeks.


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