Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 16, 2011

Bechukosi – In My Statutes

This week’s Torah reading, Bechukosi, is the final portion of the Book of Vayeekra (G-d’s special calling to Moshe).

Actually, everyone of us has a special mission in life.  Each day of the week we face different challenges.  The unique spark (soul, energy) we have in us provides us the strength to face these challenges.

In the Parsha of Bechukosi, we find the concept that if we walk in the “chukasi” then the Al-mighty will bless us with all that is physically good.

In Judaism, we refer to three different forms of commandments:  Those that have logic, (Mishpateem) such as do not steal, kill  etc.  Those that celebrate an event, give testimony (Aidus) such as Passover.  These two categories we can accept to do.  The final form of commandments is referred to as statutes (Chukeem), rules that transcend logic, such as the dietary laws.  These may prove to be a greater challenge to fulfill.  It is interesting to note that the blessings are connected to this third category Chukeem – rules that transcend logic.

A Mitzvah is spiritual but yet the Al-mighty, in this Parsha, commits to give us a physical reward – it makes no sense.  He should give us a deluxe suite in the World to Come and yet the reward is physical (don’t worry the deluxe suite is waiting – we read in Ethics of Our Fathers, Pirchay Avos, that “All Israel has a portion in the World to Come”).

A challenge that we have to confront, is to do things that we are required to do even if they may make no sense at that time – to do what makes sense is really no challenge. One would have to be foolish not to.  Let us live this week by doing the right thing even if at the time it makes no sense, yet it is what we must do.  The rewards will also transcend logic.  As a footnote:  This last category is really how we should live our daily life.


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