Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 9, 2011

Bihar – In the Mountain

This week’s Torah reading is Bihar – (literally “In the mountain”).  There is a famous lesson learned from telling us about the specific laws of the Shmeetah, Sabbatical year, given at Mt. Sinai. It is to teach us that all the laws were given at Mt. Sinai in specific details to Moshe just as the Shmeetah Laws were given in full detail.

In the Hebrew language we find that “Bi” usually translates as “in” while “Al” usually translates as “on”.  The Torah chose to say “Bihar” (literally “in the mountain”) as opposed to “Al-har” (literally “on the mountain”). Perhaps one explanation may be, when you are on a mountain the view is clear, you see everything around you and you need no further explanations.  However, when you are in a mountain, the view is blocked and there are perhaps many ways to see your way out, or there may be only one way with many paths to choose.  Here you will need very specific explanations as to how to find your way once again  to overcome the ‘mountain’ or obstacle.

In life there are times when we are just “on the mountain” and we can clearly see our way to doing what is right.  At other times we are “in the mountain” and we need specific guidelines to overcome the obstacles in life.  Torah contains all that we need and these were given to Moshe not only “On Mt. Sinai” – to cover the obstacles we clearly can see a solution to, but also “In Mt. Sinai” – to cover the obstacles that are difficult to see a solution and proper path for.

In the final stages of Golus – the darkness is very thick and we need to rely on “Bihar Sinai” –  in Mt. Sinai, with all the specifics that were given over to Moshe Rabbainu.


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