Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 28, 2011

Kedosheem = Holy

This week’s Torah reading, Kedosheem, comes after Pesach.  This is the festival that made us a Holy Nation.  We then proceeded to count 49 days until we were given the Torah on Mt.Sinai.  Kedosheem stresses the concept of being holy in our thoughts, speech and actions.

We find a unique commandment to not stand by when someone is in harms way.  We have an obligation to do our utmost to help save the person.  We need to be aware of the people around us and the situations they may find themselves in.  We cannot walk about with our heads, so to speak, buried in the sand.  We need to recognize the situation that our fellow Jew is in and find the correct approach or method to assist.  This concept of helping, plays a major role in giving us the title of a Holy Nation.  It is truly interesting to note that when a disaster occurs, Israel is among the first to send rescue workers.  For the individual, it is necessary to take risks or make sacrifices to ensure that he/she remains on the Holy Path of Torah.


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