Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 11, 2011

Acharay – After

This week’s Torah reading is called Acharay – After (the death of Aaron’s two sons).  It is also Shabbos Hagodal – the Big Sabbath, which is read before Passover.

In the Torah reading of Acharay we find a special warning.  That our lives should not imitate the Egyptians of the Land of Goshen where the Jews lived nor should it imitate the Canaanites, the people where the Jews were destined to live.  These two groups of people were the lowest of the lowest in their moral behavior.

Passover is a special time for the Jewish people.  It involves the cleansing process prior to the holiday and the removal of the Chometz from one’s home and possession.  This is a time to examine our actions to ensure that we have not acquired any of the activities or customs that our traditions would say are a ‘no no’.  In the Torah, the Jews were told to abstain from the negatives found in the place they lived, in the area of Goshen in the Land of Egypt and to avoid the negatives found in the place they were going to live, Canaan – the Land of Israel.  This is a reminder to have a constant awareness of where we are and to where we are going.  During our journey in life we are to avoid the negative influences that we are confronted with.

Let us enter Passover with the proper removal of the Chometz and celebrate this Yom Tov with the pure spirit of the Jewish Nation that will lead to the final redemption.


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