Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 4, 2011

Metzora – A Leper

This week we read Metzora.  Again touching on the laws of having a special kind of leprosy that comes from speaking Loshan Hora, evil talk – gossip.  One might be troubled to find that the Torah devotes almost 2 sections to this issue, the previous Torah reading Tazreeya and now this portion.  Similarly, one may be troubled to find the length of time the Torah spends in describing the construction of the Temple and its sacrifices.  Many laws are passed on as Oral Laws.  The Temple, the vessels and the garments, along with all the sacrifices could have been part of the Oral Law. Indeed, we still need to come on to Oral Law and we certainly will need future Oral Law to clarify certain arguments about the various vessels, garments and sacrifices that will be part of the 3rd Beis Hamikdosh.  In some of the issues, Eliyahu will resolve, having seen first hand all the items and activities related to the Temple.  Tradition has it that Eliyahu is Pinchas the grandson of Aaron and son of Elazer who were both High Priests.

Thus for both the length of discussion of the Laws of Leprosy, that are a direct result of Loshan Hora –  gossip. and the Temple and all that is connected with the Temple there must be a connection.  Indeed we are told;  Moshe had a question: Why were the Jews still in Egypt – Exile, why were they not already redeemed?  They already have suffered enough.  Moshe saw the answer to his question when he saw two Jews quarreling in almost a fighting mode.  This to Moshe was why they still were in Egypt –  Exile.  Today, many of us may have the same question Moshe had:  Why are we still in Egypt – Exile, why were we not already redeemed?  We have already suffered enough.

The answer is simply in order for the Temple to be rebuilt and the vessels and activities, sacrifices to be restored there can be no Jews quarreling in a fight mode. It is long overdue that we clean up our act.  The Temple, the vessels, the garments, the sacrifices and the Laws of the Metzora – Leprosy, for someone who gossips, take up much of the 3rd book called Vayikra – the Al-mighty calling to Moshe in a very special way.  We all await for the Al-mighty to call to Moshiach – the Righteous Redeemer to lead us out of Egypt – Exile and build the 3rd Temple.  We on our part need to remove the question Moshe had as to: Why we are still in Golus – Exile?


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