Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 28, 2011

Pikudai – Accountings

This week’s Torah Reading is Pikudai – Accountings (perhaps a reminder to file your income tax). This Shabbat is also the special Parsha of Shekaleem, where we commemorate the giving of a half shekel.  We will also bless the Month of Adar II and read the special Haftora called Machar Chodesh as Rosh Chodesh, the new month, is Sunday right after Shabbat and also Monday.

In the previous Torah Reading, everyone was actively involved in assembling the material needed for the Mishkan – Tabernacle and construction.  Finally, in this Parsha, we read how Moshe miraculously, assembled the actual Mishkan.  Thus it would appear that Moshe first informs the people of building a Sanctuary for the Al-mighty.  Then the Jewish nation unites and collectively contribute and get involved in doing what they can towards reaching that goal.  Finally, Moshe, the leader of the Jewish nation, miraculously finishes the job. A new level of holiness is thus achieved.

This Shabbat contains the same combination.  We have the special Parsha Shekalim, where Moshe informs everyone to contribute and the Jewish nation unites equally to contribute the half shekel.  Blessing the New Month and reading the special Haftorah (Machar Chodesh) preceding Rosh Chodesh, represents the idea of the rejuvenation of the moon and a new level of holiness.  The actual Parsha of Pikudai reflects the actions of the leader, Moshe in bringing this about.

The final redemption and building of the 3rd Beit Hamikdosh reflect the similar situation.  First the requirement that the Jewish nation be actively involved (by doing good deeds and coming together – as well as Tzedaka), the individual leader (Moshiach) putting the finishing touches of the 3rd Temple, the doors, and finally, like Rosh Chodesh, the rejuvenation of the entire Jewish people and the world.


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