Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 14, 2011

Kee Seesa – When You Will Count

The Parsha this week begins with concept of the counting of the Jewish people.  We find that the Jewish nation is counted several times in the Torah.  Here, the manor of how to count is described.  Each individual gave a half shekel and then the coins were counted.  There are a variety of reasons given for why this method is used.  What fascinates me is the ‘obsession’ that the Al-mighty has in constantly counting His ‘children’.  It is not like He doesn’t know how many there are.

We find in our own society,  the number system is frequently used.  Everyone has a social security number.  Everyone has a driver’s license number and everyone has a birth certificate number and so on.  This is all utilized for the purpose of keeping records and identification.  They are important numbers and some of them we know by heart.  A phone number identifies a person.  If they are important to us we usually know it by heart or it is stored in our phone memory.

You get a good feeling knowing that you are in someone’s phone memory or someone’s head.  Seeing how often the Al-mighty cares about the counting of each individual Jew, should fill us with a sense of comfort and value.  Perhaps this feeling was necessary to impart on us because in the same Parsha we have the ‘Big Sin’ of the ‘Golden Calf’.  Even after the ‘Big Sin’ the Al-mighty still cared about His ‘children’.  This is important for us to remember as well.  When a person makes a big mistake in life we cannot abandon that Jew.  It does not mean there is no punishment, punishment too is an act of caring.  However, if we remember that each and every Jew is counted this will help us remember that no Jew will be or should be abandoned.


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