Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 7, 2011

Titzaveh – Command

This week we read about the special garments that were made for the Kohaneem and the Kohen Gadol.  A tremendous emphasis is placed on their attire when doing service in the Holy Mishkan – Temple.

We find a further reference to clothes in connection to the redemption of the Jewish nation from Egypt.  True, there were things that the Jews lacked in terms of observance, however, we are told that they held strong to maintaining their Jewish names and their way of dress.  These two items contributed greatly to their redemption.

It is also stated that the Al-mighty considers all his children a nation of ‘kohaneem’ in our responsibilities to the world and mankind.  Thus perhaps, in our daily service to the world and mankind we have an obligation to wear ‘specail garments’ – Jewish garments.  This would apply to a Kippah, Tzitzit and modest clothes for both men and women.

Yet there is a step beyond this.  Perhaps it also means making a Jewish statement that I will not be caught up in the crazy fads that take place seasonally in the garment industries.  I remember the years of having to buy torn or stained jeans – why?  Or you have to buy this color now and that color in 4 months from now – why?  Who is dictating this form of clothing?  I cannot find it in this week’s Parsha.  Perhaps the Torah reading is telling us not to get caught up in the worldly flow of the garment industry.


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