Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 17, 2011

Yisro – Yitro

The famous Ten Commandments are in this week’s Torah reading.  This is part of the fulfillment of the Redemption from Egypt.  “Let My People Go” was part 1.  Part 2 was so that they may serve the Al-mighty, (through the receiving of the Ten Commandments and fulfilling them).

It is talked about at great lengths on how the first letter in the Ten Commandments begins with an Aleph (the First letter of the Hebrew Alphabet where as the Torah (Genesis – Biraishees) begins with the Second letter of the Hebrew Alphabet which is a Bet).  Yet even thought the Ten Commandments begin with an Aleph, they are written on Two tablets, (symbolical for the second letter Bet)  Indeed, when we examine the Ten Commandments we actually divide them into two categories, Bain Adam LiMakom (Between a human being and the Al-mighty) and Bain Adam LiChavairo (Between a human being and his/her friend.)

This takes us back to Biraishees – In the Beginning of Creation where there are two major items, Heaven and Earth or Spiritual and Physical.  Through our efforts in serving the Al-mighty (also with two main methods – Love and Fear) we are to create a harmony that leaves us with Aleph – One.  The true One Al-mighty, Anochi (beginning with Aleph) “I Am”.  Thus the very First Commandment – beginning with the Aleph, contains the entire Torah and purpose – to bring harmony and Oneness into the world.  This theme is recited daily in the Shema, actually two times, in the day (light) and at night (dark).  We announce “Shema Yisroel” – Hear or Israel — “Hashem Echad” = The Al-mighty is One.  It is our mandate to reveal the Oneness through our service to our Creator.


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