Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 10, 2011

BiShalach – Shabbat Shira – The Shabbos of Song

This week’s Torah Reading is BiShalach –  Sent.  The Parsha contains the song that Moshe and the Jewish men and Miriam and the Jewish women sang after the successful crossing of the Yum Suf (Red Sea).  Thus the Shabbos is called Shabbat Shira, the Shabbos of Song.

There were numerous miracles associated with the splitting of the Yum Suf.  The major one being that the Jewish people safely walked through on dry land while the Egyptians drowned in the raging waters.  The waters split into twelve tunnels to accommodate the twelve tribes, there were trees growing bearing fruit and other positive miracles for the Jewish nation.  Then it switched and became a nightmare for the Egyptians in the manor in which they drowned.  The climax being, that their bodies rose to the surface to testify that the mighty Egyptian army was no more.  The Jewish nation was truly free of the bondage in Egypt.

At times we may find ourselves entrapped or in ‘bondage’ in dealing with a specific problem.  Usually it is due to the problem being clouded – difficult to see the right and the wrong.  At the Miracle of the Yum Suf – the splitting of the murky waters – there was clarity for the Jewish people.  They were all able to see the positive (dry land for them, trees bearing fruit etc.) and the negative for the (evil) Egyptians (the raging waters, their dead bodies rising to the surface etc.)  We need to seek clarity to dispel the murky waters.  Here, again, Torah and Mitzvot are the key ingredients.  As mentioned last week in the Plague of Darkness, the Torah and Mitzvot bring light into the world to help dispel darkness and bring clarity to murky waters.


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