Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 3, 2011

Bo – Come

This week we conclude the famous Ten Plagues and begin the new month of Shevat.

Among the final plagues is the Plague of Darkness.  The plague had two phases.  The first phase was just simply darkness, both day and night.  The second phase was a darkness that caused the Egyptians to become immobilized.  The unique aspect was that for the Jews it was light.  Even if they would be in the same home with the Egyptian, for the Jew it was light and for the Egyptian it was dark.

There were reasons for this plague, both positive and negative.  Those Jews who did not wish to partake in the Exodus of Egypt died during the Plague of Darkness, unnoticed by the Egyptians and were buried.  On the positive side, the Jewish people were able to enter each Egyptian household and find their money, precious gems and other items of value including clothes.  This was to fulfill the promise the Al-mighty made with Avraham, that the Jewish nation would indeed be slaves in Egypt, but would leave with great wealth. (Back wages for a couple of hundred years of slavery).

It is interesting to note that we call this present time of our exile a ‘double darkness’.  We know from the past, that this is a time to ‘look for hidden gems’ that are still concealed.  What further ‘good deeds’ (hidden gems) are there to accomplish?  The good deeds bring light into the world – Ki Ner Mitzvah ViTorah Ohr.  “The candle is the Mitzvah and the Torah is the Light.”  It is our responsibility to illuminate the ‘Darkness’ of Exile with the ‘hidden gems’ – good deeds and soon we will also march out of Golus – Exile.


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